Tres Palos (Three sticks), open studio at Taliare, Merida, Mexico. March 2020.

Tres Palos is an open studio show held at Espacio Taliare in Merida, Mexico, which aims to configure a critique of colonial monumentality based on key notions such as limit, contour, disfigurement, personality, and structural relationships between native materialities of Yucatan and colonial storytelling.
In its development, the project is informed by the score of Mycènes Alpha made by music composer Iannis Xenakis, the German imperial technique of linden sculpture described by historian Michael Baxandall, and the monument of conquistadores Francisco de Montejo the Elder and the Younger installed in Merida city. These influences aim to materialize historic narratives as sculptural storytelling, and to set up margin points from which an object can describe the semblance of a past period.