Sculpture, installation, editorial production.

Exhibited at “Lots of Flying Objects / Alternate Worlds: Science Fiction in Latin America”. Queens Museum New York, U.S. 2019. Exhibited at “Querer parecer noche”. CA2M Madrid, Spain, 2018.
Individual exhibition at DXIX Projects, Los Angeles, U.S. 2017.
Commissioned by the Russell Foundation, U.S. 2016.
Presented at ELA Ecole Libre d’architecture. Paris France. 2018.
Featured at Getty Consortium Seminar – Iconoclasm as Method. The Getty Center, Los Angeles. U.S. 2018.

Conceived as a patrimonial saga, Reología compiles and sculpts Mayan and Aztec artifacts extracted from archaeological sites in Mexico, which are later installed into refrigerators, furniture built with tropical woods, and distributed as encapsulated powder under economies of expenditure and gift.

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