Scrolldiving is an ongoing collection of texts on intersections between digital formats, human experience and geographical spaces. We are tracking texts written by humans interested in such tropes by focusing on authors mainly based in the Americas.

Some of our current editorial interests include accumulative experience with devices, plein-air digital culture, and infrastructure-oriented aesthetics.

Selected authors will be commissioned for maintaining a writing process that occurs online. The text's development and editing will be accessible, allowing the readers to include annotations within the text. This process collates content through expressions of the edition, both visualizing and pluralizing the access through versioning and deviation. Design is embedded in the process, therefore any output is inherently a by-product, not an end.

Scrolldiving runs its headquarters in the U.S. and Mexico as part of TLTRPreß publishing house (Berlin-Germany.)


  • Rock-Paper-Scissors
    →Loreto Alonso & Luis Gárciga
  • Windows
    →manuel arturo abreu
  • I’m Going to Describe a Ritual
    →Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

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