Javier Fresneda is an artist and researcher.

Through an extended use of sculpture (deformations) and architecture (organizations), his practice visualizes and reenacts transitions: from matter to discourse, from totality to collapse, from expenditure to value, from concealment to history.

So yes, he does sculpture, on-site and archival research, academic and speculative writing, and teaching projects. Fresneda holds a PhD granted by the Art History, Theory, Criticism and Art Practice Program at UC San Diego (United States), and he is founding member of ELa - École Libre d'architecture Paris (France).

Current interests include: patrimonial forgery, post-Internet povera, and meteorite stock market. His zodiac status is Cancer (Libra rising).

Projects and interventions have been exhibited internationally since 2009. For an account of ups and downs please ask for his resumé: info@fugaciel.com